Welcome to Panning-Gold.com, the most comprehensive site on the net about learning how to pan for gold and every other step in the process of finding your piece of the pie! So many people have been interested in gold prospecting since the 1800′s since the gold rush in the United States in the West and East, in California and Georgia and Tennessee respectively. Even today, more and more people are becoming excited about this possibility with these new television shows coming out, such as Gold Rush: Alaska, Prospecting America, and Gold Fever.

Want to Know How to Find Gold, Too?

You should be excited! The dream, the enthusiasm, the possibility of panning out flakes and nuggets and adding those up, or hitting that lucky streak and finding a glory hole… who wouldn’t want to become rich very quickly doing something interesting in the outdoors? Going out and hunting for the rare, elusive gold nugget is so amazing! For many of us, we can walk out of our backdoor and to the creek and possibly find some gold, and for others its a simple drive up the interstate. Some people take it very seriously and increase their risk but increase the probability of hitting it big by loading up heavy machinery and heading up to Alaska even. Grab your pan, grab your dredge, grab your sluice, and let’s go!

Learn How To Pan

For those who don’t know what it is we are talking about, gold mining is the process of prospecting, which is locating deposits of gold and then extracting them from the soil and even deeper earth. If you are persistent and consistent, you will become wealthy. It’s not something you can just do quickly without any foreknowledge of the field. To do this in any efficient manner requires access to some specialized equipment, information on where to look for the gold, and the health to sit out there and do the manual labor, the vehicles to transport yourself and all of your materials, and more. But if you want to know how to find gold, you have come to the right place. So read around and make sure you study and obtain the panning equipment you will need.